New Year's Day tradition

The two Matts partook in the local climber's New Year tradition of climbing Bosigran Ridge as early as possible in the New Year. Strict tradition states that it must be New Year's Day, but dire rain made such a proposition entriely unpleasant, so January the second had to do instead. Surprisingly only one other party was seen in the vicinity all day, so maybe some die-hards barved the miserable conditions the day before?Huge swells meant that the first pitch couldn't be accessed - crashing waves were throwing spray halfway up it. Not to worry, being one of the longest routes in Cornwall, there were still 7 pitches to go. The pair started by soloing the chimney of ptich 2, before roping up for the remainder of the route. Matt B. had not done the ridge before, and I had not done it for 4 years. I had forgotten what a splendid route it is, fully deserving of its three stars, in my opinion. Being a VD, or 'Very Difficult' (meaning actualy very easy in modern climbing standards), there was no hard climbing, but many of the pitches offered some excellent, exciting positions, with interesting moves and plenty of exposure. I particularly enjoyed the down climb of pitch 5.All in all, a very satisying day out, and a great start to the year!The ridge is also known as 'Commando Ridge' in honour of the Cliff Assault Wing who practised their craft in west Cornwall during the years 1940-45, to prepare them for any cliff assaults that may have been needed during WWII. The marines still come ervy year to Bosigran and Sennen to train their soldiers in cliff operarations, and they can be seen climbing in their big boots, even at night!