Cornwall’s rugged coastline make for perfect coasteering, with towering cliffs, huge natural caves, innumerable zawns and gullies, and of course, epic cliff jumps. If you haven’t yet tried coasteering, As one of Cornwall’s leading providers, Kernow Coasteering are waiting to introduce you to this exciting sport. All you need is a wetsuit, helmet, buoyancy aid (provided by us) and a pair of trainers, and you’re ready to take on the challenge. One of the great things about coasteering is its flexibility, and it can cater for people of any age and ability level, from those who’d happily jump off a hundred metre cliff if we’d let them (we wouldn’t!), to those who don’t even want to jump six inches. There’s so much more to it than cliff jumping.

Thrill Seekers

If you’ve got an appetite for adventure, we won’t disappoint. Jump off huge cliff jumps into boiling swells; get washed through gullies, caves and arches; cling by your fingertips to rock faces as you traverse your way along them – it’s many different adventurous activities wrapped into one, all set in a unique coastal environment that is hard to experience any other way.

But I’m not a Adrenalin Junkie!

Whilst coasteering is known for being a high adrenalin sport, it doesn’t just appeal to adrenalin junkies. If a more leisurely pace, with no unexpected turbulence or surprises is more your thing, you’ll be surprised how peaceful coasteering can be. Leave the massive jumps to the crazy ones, as you float and wander your way along the route, marvelling at the strange rock formations, unexpected caves and gullies, and take in the wildlife. You can see a large variety of marine and bird life, as well as seals, and even the occasional dolphin. But who knows – you might surprise yourself with how far you push your comfort zone? No pressure, of course!

Kernow Coasteering

We carry out our coasteering venues at a variety of locations in west Cornwall. Our position on the Land’s End peninsula give us maximum flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing weather and swell conditions thrown at us by the Atlantic Ocean. As one of Cornwall’s leading coasteering providers, you can relax in the knowledge that our experienced and qualified guides will lead you safely on one of our unforgettable adventures.